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Why is Sam locked up in The Woods in Gen V?

Gen V brings several mysteries to the universe of The Boys, expanding what is one of the best TV series ever, but why is Sam locked up is top of the list.

Why is Sam locked up in The Woods in Gen V

Why is Sam locked up in The Woods? Among the mysteries of Gen V, the one that takes centre-stage the most is Sam, who’s ben confined to the misery of The Woods.

The spin-off from The Boys starts dark and gets darker through the opening episodes, stablishing itself as one of the best TV series going if you want mature superhero storytelling. Our Gen V review makes as much very clear, especially when it comes to the new additions to the broader The Boys cast.

Among the plotlines that are established in the three-part premiere, why is Sam locked up in The Woods? How did he end up there, and what’s happening to him? We’ve uncovered the secrets, but be warned – they’re not pleasant.

Why is Sam locked up in The Woods?

Sam is locked up because Compound V gave him incredible superhuman powers, and a form of schizophrenia that makes him unpredictable and violent. He was dosed alongside Luke, and where one went on to become a varsity sensation that’s top of his class, things weren’t so straightforward for the other.

He’s considered volatile and dangerous by those at Godolkin University, but really that’s just an excuse to continue poking and prodding him. A number of other supes are in the same complex, all displaying some other strange ability.

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Emma’s the first one who manages to make contact with him, after she sneaks in, and their conversation reveals that he’s actually quite normal when not in an aggressive situation. We could make guess on how this plays out, but the important thing to note is that conditions like Sam’s require treatment and care, not hostility and imprisonment.

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