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Gen V release schedule - when is episode 5 out?

We breakdown the complete Gen V release schedule week-to-week, so you know when episodes of The Boys spin-off, and one of the year's best TV series, arrive.

Gen V release schedule

What is the Gen V release schedule? The Boys has returned, but not how you might have expected. Before we chack back in with Homelander and Billy the Butcher, we have a spin-off all about how the Seven gets new candidates.

The students of Godolkin University have a lot to learn, and The Boys teaches hard lessons. As one of the best TV series of the year, though, the way everything plays out is well worth following to fruition. You can read our Gen V review if you’re in any doubt!

But what is the Gen V release schedule? How can you follow one of the best sci-fi series available? We can tell you exactly how to meet and keep up with new additions to The Boys cast, and it’s remarkably easy!

Gen V episode 5 release date

Gen V episode 5 will be available at 12am PST on Friday, October 13, 2023. That’s 3am EST for those on the East Coast of the US, and 8am GMT for those in the UK.

This has been Amazon Prime Video’s release schedule for quite a few years. If you’re on the West Coast of the United States, you can stay up late, or alternatively, it’s right there in the morning when you wake up. Handy, really!

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Gen V release schedule

Gen V episodes debut weekly on Amazon Prime Video at 12am PST every Friday. There are eight episodes, so after the three episode premiere, you can expect new chapters to arrive until November 2.

Here is the Gen V release schedule:

Gen V episode 1: ‘God U’ — September 29, 2023
Gen V episode 2: ‘First Day’ — September 29, 2023
Gen V episode 3: ‘#ThinkBrink’ — September 29, 2023
Gen V episode 4: ‘The Whole Truth’ October 6, 2023
Gen V episode 5: October 13, 2023
Gen V episode 6: October 20, 2023
Gen V episode 7: October 27, 2023
Gen V episode 8: November 4, 2023

Gen V release schedule

Where can you stream Gen V?

You can stream Gen V on Amazon Prime Video. This is the same home as The Boys, and will presumably where everything related to the franchise will live.

Once all the episodes have come out, anyone with a Prime subscription can watch and rewatch them at their leisure. Sometimes subscriptions are like a superpower, just with very limited and specific use. Going by what happens to some of these characters, they’d probably prefer something easier to manage.

Check out our guide to The Boys season 4 release date for when Billy and his cohorts will return. If you prefer things spookier, we have a guide to Wednesday season 2 you’ll enjoy, as well as a list of the best drama series.