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Is [SPOILER] really dead in Gen V?

Gen V kicks off with a massive curveball, making sure we know the spin-off from The Boys is taking no prisoners, but is Luke really dead in the thriller series?

Is Luke really dead in Gen V

Is Luke really dead in Gen V? Nothing like a leftfield death to really make your audience sit forward and pay attention. Gen V introduces the popular kid, Luke, also known as ‘Golden Boy’, only for him to blow himself up.

Ouch, but this is a spin-off from The Boys, so nothing’s off the table. Already one of the best sci-fi series available, Gen V introduces a class of young supes who’re just learning about off the wall the world they’re in is. Marie, Cate, Emma, Andre, and Jordan got a real lesson in that, firmly ingratiating them into The Boys cast.

But, is Luke really dead? Is that it for Patrick Schwarzenegger’s role in the show? Now that the opening triple-bill is available, we have some secrets you really should know.

Is Luke really dead in Gen V?

Sadly, yes, Luke is very much dead in Gen V. His apparent murder-suicide at the end of the first episode completely disintegrated his body in a bloody mess. But that’s not the last you’ll see of him.

As the mystery of The Woods unravels, Luke returns in various flashbacks and memories. These aren’t just about furthering the narrative either, they form an emotional crux as the characters work through the trauma and pain of watching a friend die.

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It’s a clever way of bringing on a rising star like Patrick Schwarzenegger (yes, he’s related), and having a massive twist to hook everybody in the opening episode. As I say in my Gen V review, it’s one of the best TV series of the year, and how Luke’s passing is handled is part of that.

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