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Marc Maron thinks they’re doing a Bad Guys TV series

The Bad Guys may have broken into cinemas but don't go thinking that's the end of their evil ambitions Marc Maron thinks they're doing a TV series

The Bad Guys TV series

The Bad Guys may have broken into cinemas but don’t go thinking that’s the end of their evil ambitions. We got a very surprising answer when we sat down with the animated movie’s cast – Marc Maron, Craig Robinson, and Anthony Ramos – and asked them what the future held for this gang of ne’er-do-wells.

“I think they’re doing the TV show? I don’t know,” said Maron. “Yeah. Because I know a friend of mine came up to me and said, ‘I just went on an audition to play you in a cartoon’. He’s like, ‘they’re looking for you.'” Robinson and Ramos then started giggling at their friend losing out on a  job playing himself, to which Maron laughed, “I’d love to do a series of movies that would keep me insured.”

Ramos then got in on the joke, saying he too would like to stay insured, adding with some sincerity that “a sequel would be nice”, something Robinson agreed with. Only time will tell whether The Bad Guys will get a TV series spin-off or a direct sequel, but it’s something the director, Pierre Perifel has started to think about.

“I’d love to see these characters on screen again, you know, and I think the audience would love that too,” Perifel told us. “You know, so I am kind of crossing my fingers as well. I’m starting to imagine a future with a second movie. Yeah, for sure. Defintiely.”

Starring Sam Rockwell as Mr Wolf, The Bad Guys is basically the kid’s movie equivalent of Reservoir Dogs. The film sees Wolf and his crew of titular bad guys – Snake (Maron), Shark (Robinson), Piranha (Ramos), and Tarantula (Awkwafina) – take on their most challenging job yet, breaking good. Can the gang turn over a new leaf, or are they doomed to be the bad guys forever?

The Bad Guys is in theatres now. If you love cartoons, check out our guide to the best-animated series.