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The Bad Guys director would love to do a sequel

The Bad Guys director Pierre Perifel has told The Digital Fix he'd love to do a sequel if given the opportunity admitting he started to imagine a second movie

The Bad Guys director would love to do a sequel

The Bad Guys director Pierre Perifel has told The Digital Fix he’d love to do a sequel if given the opportunity. While he’s not counting his chickens before they’ve hatched, Perifel admitted that he has started to imagine a future where we see more adventures of Mr Wolf and his gang of ne’er do wells.

“I’d love to see these characters on screen again, you know, and I think the audience would love that too,” Perifel said. “You know, so I am kind of crossing my fingers as well. I’m starting to imagine a future with a second movie. Yeah, for sure. Defintiely”

The Bad Guys is a wonderful animated movie that stars Sam Rockwell as Mr Wolf, a career criminal who loves pulling off heists with his gang of friends, Mr Snake, Mr Shark, Mr Pirannah, and Ms Tarantula. When a job goes wrong, though, the bad guys are forced to see if they’re bad to the bone or if there may be a little bit of good in them somewhere.

Part kids movie, part crime caper, with just a dash of Tarantino thrown in for good measure, The Bad Guys really is a fantastic film in part due to its unique visual style that’s a blend of anime, western cartoons, and traditional Dreamworks animation. The look of the film was something Perifel was keen to talk about during our interview.

“In the US, we tend to do a similar type of animation over and over, which is very influenced by the Disney DreamWorks style of animation, which is stylized, but still very heavily video referenced, you know,” he explained. “[It’s] kind of naturalistic, even if it’s been pushed. Then, you have Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs type of animation, which is super zany and pushes the cartoony animation. But I was looking for something more stylized, kind of a different way of stylization, and it really sprouted from the anime style.

The Bad Guys break into cinemas on April 1.