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Texas Chainsaw Massacre trailer brings back Leatherface for Netflix sequel

Leatherface returns in new horror movie sequel to Tobe Hooper's The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Netflix trailer

Coming off the first look at the upcoming Texas Chainsaw Massacre sequel for streaming service Netflix, now we have a trailer as well. There’s not much to the horror movie footage, other than Leatherface chasing down more unfortunate victims.

Two distinct scenes are spliced together: first, we get Leatherface bashing through a wall to where his trusty chainsaw is stored, and second, Jessica Allain’s character hiding under the floorboards before being chased. Finally, we get a glimpse of the brutal, power tool-wielding killer holding up a flesh mask to the sky – presumably, it’s good to air it out once and a while, given it’s made of human skin and all.

We get glimpses at two other hapless victims and some text about the legacy of the franchise. “In 1974, a horror legend was born,” the first part reads, followed by: “In 2022, the face of madness returns.” Very ominous, until the chainsaw gets revved up, and then all subtly goes out the window in favour of some very heavily suggested savage butchery.

Part reboot, part sequel – a “requel” – this Texas Chainsaw Massacre follows on from the original, 1974 film, disregarding all other instalments. As much has become a popular strategy, since the success of David Gordon Green’s Halloween movie in 2018.

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David Blue Garcia is directing, with Chris Thomas Devlin handling the screenplay. Both are relatively fresh-faced, with this being their first big studio production. Fedé Alvarez, who directed the 2013 Evil Dead remake, co-wrote the story with frequent collaborator Rodo Sayagues.

Nell Hudson and Elsie Fisher lead the cast, as sisters on a trip to Texas who, well, you can guess what happens to them. Mark Burnham is playing Leatherface, and Olwen Fouéré will protray Sally Hardesty, the sole survivor of Tobe Hooper’s first film. Marilyn Burns played Sally in the original, but sadly passed away in 2014.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre comes to Netflix February 18, 2022. Check out the best horror movies of 2021 for some more modern bloodbaths.