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Naturally, Stallone’s got a Netflix doc coming after Schwarzenegger’s

Unsurprisingly, Sylvester Stallone is following in the footsteps of his action movie rival Arnold Schwarzenegger and is doing a reflective Netflix documentary.

Sylvester Stallone

Hot on the heels of Arnold – the Netflix documentary about Arnold Schwarzenegger – comes Sly, a Netflix documentary about Sylvester Stallone. And we’re sure it’s purely coincidental.

Arnold was released to coincide with FUBAR – Arnie’s new spy comedy series, also on Netflix. Sylvester Stallone‘s most recent movie Samaritan was released on Prime Video and the Taylor Sheridan TV series Tulsa King was released on Paramount Plus. FUBAR and Tulsa King is the first time that either of the two action movie stars have led a TV series.

The trailer for Sly follows a similar theme to Arnold’s (no surprise there), where he emphasizes his regrets; “Do I have regrets? Hell yeah, I have regrets…Filmmaking it comes at a great price. There’s no time for anything else.” The Arnold documentary also dwelled on the mistakes he’s made in his marriage and personal life. Stallone is also currently starring in a reality series called The Family Stallone on Paramount Plus with his wife and three daughters (whose names all begin with S).

Stallone did not appear in Rocky spin-off Creed 3, having starred in the previous two Creed movies. Stallone and his brother Frank made some public comments as to the reasons why. Creed III was still a big success, bringing in $275 million.

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Stallone will next be seen in The Expendables 4, alongside Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, Andy Garcia, Megan Fox, Tony Jaa and Iko Uwais. It seems as though another Cliffhanger movie is on the way as well. So, at the age of 78, it looks as though Stallone isn’t easing up on being an action star or Schwarzenegger’s rival.

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