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Will there be a Swarm season 2?

Swarm was a phenomenon when it hit Amazon Prime Video earlier this year. Here's everything we know about a hypothetical season 2 release date.

Dre in Swarm

When is the Swarm season 2 release date? The Prime Video series Swarm put stan culture under the microscope when it was released in March 2023 and caught the world’s attention by giving Billie Eilish her first acting role, but what’s going on with the show now?

In case you missed it, Swarm was a horror series about obsession in the age of social media and followed Dre, a young fan of the world-famous popstar Ni’Jah. What starts as innocent fandom, though, quickly escalated into a murderous road trip across America.

Critics and general audiences loved Swarm (Editor: Is it a contender for best TV series of the year?), which normally means one thing. It’s time for a sequel so will we see Dre return for another outing? Here’s everything we know about a potential Swarm season 2 release date.

Dre in Swarm

Swarm season 2 release date

Unfortunately, there won’t be a Swarm season 2 because the show was devised as a limited series. It’s clear as well that Dre’s story has come to a close, even if there are more corners of stan culture to be explored, and the co-creator of the show Janine Nabers has made that as clear as she can.

“This is definitely a limited series,” she told ELLE in an interview after the finale had aired. “The story of Dre is over.”

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She’s quite right about Dre’s story being over, but there are plenty of other things that the show could explore with its unique perspective – but alas, it looks like they’re having none of it. It would be no surprise now if the show never came back, as sad an eventuality it is to accept it. But, there’s a slither of hope.

Asked if there was a chance that Swarm could become something of an anthology series, Nabers said, “I don’t know. If you look at the history of Atlanta, it took many, many years to complete that, so who knows? But as of right now, I’m saying we’re done.” Interesting.

Dre in Swarm

Swarm Season 2 Cast

We know that Dre’s story is done and dusted, it’s this much we can discern from Nabers’ comments – but let’s follow the thread of an anthology series for a little while longer because that hasn’t received the very same “no” that a direct Swarm season 2 has.

If the show were to return in anthology form, focussing on new characters for a season, it’d be fair to assume that none of the cast of the first season would return. Their chapter has reached its close, and to return to that would do it a disservice, not to mention theorizing about it would be a bigger disservice to the creativity of Nabers and Glover.

Maybe, at a stretch, another stan culture analysis could form around the same popstar, Ni’Jah – but again, this isn’t something we can say for certain. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Dre in Swarm

What will Swarm season 2 be about?

Specific plot details are hard to theorize on right now with such little information, but we wouldn’t be surprised if more Swarm would follow the same themes.

Obsession, social media, parasocial relationships, the preying nature of the pop music industry, and, of course, stans could all come under the lens in a follow-up. But again, we don’t know this for sure.

It’s a hard thing to figure out, especially as this second season is entirely hypothetical, but there’s one thing we can say for sure – and that’s that we’d love to see it. DoGlo, if you’re reading this, do us a favor and bring it back.

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