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Jared Padalecki reveals Supernatural episode he wishes wasn’t made

As Sam Winchester, Jared Padalecki has been in hundreds of episodes of hit fantasy series Supernatural, but there's one episode he wishes was never produced.

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Jared Padalecki revealed his least favourite episode of Supernatural — and his answer won’t come as a surprise to many members of the fandom.

Along with Jensen Ackles, who has since gone on to join The Boys cast and Blue Sky, Padalecki starred in Supernatural for 15 years. The pair played brothers Sam and Dean Winchester, respectively, with the fantasy series following them as they battled various otherworldly beings.

Over 15 seasons of the TV series, Sam and Dean faced down gods, monsters, demons — and in one episode, bugs. A lot of bugs. The infamous Supernatural episode, which was fittingly titled ‘Bugs,’ became famous among critics and fans for all the wrong reasons.

Its IMDB audience score of 7/10 makes ‘Bugs’ the second worst-rated episode in the horror series‘ history, and among the Supernatural fandom, it has become an object of near-universal ridicule.

As it turns out, a TV Insider interview revealed that Padalecki wasn’t just aware of the episode’s reputation — he kind of agreed with it, too. While discussing his role in drama series Walker, Padalecki explained why the more streamlined, 13-episode approach was better than Supernatural’s longer runs.

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“I think [Supernatural co-star] Jim Beaver at one of our Comic-Con panels said about 22 or 23-episode seasons, ‘You know, even if it’s the best batter on the planet, if Ted Williams goes to bat 23 times, he’s gonna strike out a few times,'” he recalled. “And so I think a shortened season would just be a really strong, action-packed, story-packed season where we don’t have to do an episode like ‘Bugs’ in season 1 of Supernatural.”

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