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Succession star wasn’t told the series was ending

Succession going out on a high and ending with season four came as a surprise to fans everywhere, but it was also an upsetting shock for its cast.


The announcement that the critically-acclaimed and Emmy-winning HBO series Succession was ending with season 4 came as a shock to many, as they could have easily ridden the wave of success for several more years. The creator Jesse Armstrong and the cast have spoken about ‘going out on a high,’ but it still came as a shock to many surrounding the production – including leading members of the Succession cast.

Sarah Snook, who plays the only central Succession character who is a woman and a part of the warring Roy family, has told the LA Times that she didn’t know that was Succession was ending until the final script read-through in January.

“I was very upset. I felt a huge sense of loss, disappointment and sadness. It would have been nice to know at the beginning of the season, but I also understand not being told until the end because there was still a potential that maybe this wasn’t going to be the end.”

“Emotionally, all of us weren’t necessarily ready to be done with the show because we love each other so much,” Snook added. “But everything has to come to an end, and it’s smart not to let something become a parody of itself.”

Our Succession season 4, episode 1 review says; “Show creator Jesse Armstrong and the team of Succession writers have proven yet again that they know how to craft a great story and can balance genuine comedy against the most serious of moments. Succession season 4’s start is everything that makes Succession great as a whole, captured into 60 minutes. Strong script, strong performances, and engaging character development that keeps you hooked and dying for the next episode.”

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