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Did Stephen King just tell us a bizarre It sequel idea?

Apparently, Stephen King is just casually tossing out his new pitches for the best horror movies of the future on Twitter now. We absolutely love to see it.

Pennywise the Clown in Stephen King movie It Chapter 2

Stephen King is not just the man behind countless classic novels – his name appears in the credits of many of the best horror movies ever – but also one of the best celebs on Twitter. Now, he’s used his social media account to pitch a possible It sequel.

It, which features the shape-shifting entity known most commonly as Pennywise, stands among the most famous King stories and inspired both a 1990 TV miniseries and two new movies in the 2010s.

We know that Pennywise is getting an origin story on the small screen when the Welcome to Derry release date comes around, but it seems that King has been having a think about a possible sequel featuring the clownish tormentor.

King wrote on Twitter: “What if you boarded your flight and as you taxied, the pilot came on, giving a high-pitched laugh and saying, ‘Pretty soon we’re all going to FLOAT’.”

Stephen King tweeted a pitch for It Chapter 2

He followed up that tweet by writing that it would be “so unsettling” to end up in that utterly chilling scenario.

It was a surprise to see King tweet this idea out of the blue, and his double-spaced post – sorry Stephen, but that’s peak Boomer Facebook – was unusual to say the least. But we’re all for one of the great horror minds in history just firing out random notions for spooky scenarios that could become the best movies in years to come.

And let’s face it, the idea of Pennywise at the helm of a passenger airplane does sound pretty darn terrifying. It’d certainly ruin our vacation.

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