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R2-D2 found love on Sesame Street, and C-3PO ruined it

A 1980s episode of Sesame Street turned into a bloodbath when R2-D2 fell in love, and C3-PO typically waded in to ruin it. And they call this kids' TV!

R2-D2 and C3-PO Star Wars

Sad beep. Its a tough old universe out there for a droid shaped liked a garbage can who can only beep-boop to communicate. So when R2-D2 went from Star Wars to Sesame Street in the 1980s and found love in a hopeless place, it would have surely warmed even hearts as cold as Hoth. But R2-D2’s best friend and perennial busy body C3-PO just had to get involved, didn’t he?

In the episode of the classic children’s programme, R2-D2 is very happy – spinning around in circles and beep-booping excitedly. He reveals to C3-PO that the reason for his happiness is that he’s in love and that he met the lucky lady on Sesame Street. C3-PO is keen to see what she looks like and wants to meet her. R2-D2 describes her as quiet, and short with a pointed head.

R2-D2 understandably asks C3-PO not to embarrass him, and says he’s shy. C3-PO retorts; “you haven’t been shy since the day you were assembled.” R2-D2 eventually takes C3-PO to meet the lady in question…and she turns out to be (not Oscar the Grouch’s garbage can, as some might have thought)…a fire hydrant. It’s a scene closer to a horror movie than a romance movie.

C3-PO reveals the hurtful truth to R2-D2, and in a move colder than Peppa Pig hanging up the phone on Suzy Sheep, R2 just wheels himself off while emitting one of his infamous sad beeps. What a tragic tale, and this is supposed to be kids’ TV! R2 is arguably the best Star Wars droid – he didn’t deserve this!

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