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Captain Phasma didn’t hate Finn for the reason you think, says star

Captain Phasma certainly stands out as one of the best Star Wars villains, though it's now clear that her motives were quite different from what we thought.

Captain Phasma

The Star Wars sequel trilogy, which gave audiences an entirely new series that added onto the legacy of the best science fiction movie of all time, brought on a whole new batch of Star Wars characters. (Not to mention, some of the best Star Wars villains to date.)

One of these was the notorious Captain Phasma, played by Gwendoline Christie, the arch nemesis to one of the film’s main protagonists, Finn. It’s a confrontation that was build up over the course of the newer Star Wars movies, leading to some pretty spectacular moments.

But it’s left fans wondering for years: Just why did Phasma hate Finn so? Well, it’s a question that Christie has been at the receiving end of for years now, and at a recent Star Wars Celebration panel, she finally gave us a definitive answer.

“With the relationship with Captain Phasma and Finn, so many people were saying to me, including the wonderful John Boyega, ‘What is Phasma’s problem? Why does Phasma hate Finn so much?’ And I said, ‘Because she fancies him’.”

….OK! A bit of an unexpected train of thought there, but once you ruminate on it, it could start to make sense when it comes to the long-standing nemesis relationship.

“But it’s an interesting thing, isn’t it?” she continues. “The idea of a repressed desirous lust perhaps, the idea of the envy of someone who has liberated themselves from his confine of order and convention.”

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“And someone that has an inner fragility that is so intense that they have to press and lean into a sense of order, an authority, and carry out a series of classic commands. So it was just very interesting.”

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