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Star Trek’s Klingons just got another new design, again

The first trailer for Star Trek Strange New Worlds season 2 has arrived and it's packed full of promising fun. Oh, and we also have new design for the Klingons.

Worf in TNG

Once again, Star Trek‘s Klingons have a redesign, because of course they do. As the Star Trek Strange New Worlds release date comes closer, we finally have the first trailer for the latest season of the Star Trek series.

It’s packed full of fun and excitement, and while it gives nothing specific away about the plot, it leaves fans with plenty to speculate on. We have the return of famous Star Trek captain Kirk of course, back from his appearance in the season 1 finale. Another returning face is Number One, and it appears that she’s found her way back to the Enterprise crew.

And there’s the Klingons, with yet another brand new design. Check it out in the trailer, below:

YouTube Thumbnail

Of course, Klingons have a long history of redesigns. Originally, in TOS, they were just angry men (as also referenced in the DS9 episode The Trouble with Tribbles). Then the Star Trek movies and TNG gave them a new makeover, with a design that was refined on Worf. Worf’s own Klingon design changed gradually over his time on Star Trek too.

Then Discovery came along and upended it all again. It shook things up entirely and the Klingons looked brand new once again. Here, with Star Trek Strange New Worlds season 2, we’re firmly back in TOS-movie/TNG territory, and it looks like the Discovery redesign has been binned. It was nice while we knew you!

Klingon in Star Trek Strange New Worlds season 2

Expect further clarification about the redesign to come soon, and maybe some in-universe hand waving, too. It’s all good fun, right?

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