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Who is Captain Pike’s girlfriend in Star Trek Strange New Worlds?

Star Trek Strange New Worlds season 2 develops Captain Pike's relationship with his girlfriend, the captain of the USS Cayuga. Here's what we know about them.

Captain Pike's girlfriend Captain Batel in Strange New Worlds

Who is Captain Pike’s love interest in Star Trek Strange New Worlds? Here’s everything we know about Pike’s relationship with his girlfriend, captain of the USS Cayuga, in Strange New Worlds.

While it might be sci-fi through and through, Star Trek just can’t help itself when it comes to romance. Almost every Star Trek series has some degree of romantic relationship at its core, whether that’s Troi and Riker (the GOAT Star Trek couple), Worf and Jadzia, Miles and Bashir, or Tom and B’Elanna; life on board a starship can get pretty sexy.

For Captain Pike, things are slightly different. We aren’t too used to seeing Star Trek captains in serious relationships, let alone with other captains. Pike thoroughly breaks that rule, though, and does so with glee in his relationship with his fellow-captain girlfriend. Here’s everything we know about Captain Pike’s relationship with his girlfriend in Star Trek Strange New Worlds.

Who is Captain Pike’s girlfriend in Star Trek Strange New Worlds?

Captain Pike is in a romantic relationship with Captain Batel. Batel is the commander of the USS Cayuga, and is therefore Pike’s colleague, which is how the couple met.

We say ‘couple’ but really the two are in a very casual romantic relationship. With their demanding jobs, they don’t get to spend too much time together though there is clearly a deep affection between them.

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Despite this, the stresses of their work – and the infrequency of their time together – does place stresses on their relationship. In Strange New Worlds season 2 episode 4 we see Pike push Batel away because he’s scared of the commitment, and how much he’ll be able to give. This also came after the two were put on a collision course after Batel was tasked with prosecuting Una, complicating things a lot.

But, as Una points out, even though things aren’t always easy the two are good together and he eventually apologizes to Batel and repairs the damage.

Captain Batel Strange New Worlds

What does the future hold for Pike’s relationship with Batel?

As Star Trek Strange New Worlds season 2 continues, we’re expecting to see more from Batel, which means we’ll get a better insight into their relationship too.

In terms of the more long term future, we’ve already seen what happens in Pike’s future and Batel doesn’t seem to be involved. This could mean all manner of things – and she might be around, just not yet seen – so the door is wide open in terms of what might be next for the duo.

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