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Voyager’s Kate Mulgrew thanks fans for saving her new Star Trek series

An excellent Star Trek series has been given the chance to live long and prosper by Netflix, and the star of the show, Kate Mulgrew, is delighted with fans.

Kate Mulgrew as Kathryn Janeway in Star Trek Voyager

There has been some great news in the Star Trek universe recently, as the highly underrated Star Trek Prodigy was rescued from cancellation by Netflix. Now, the star of that show, Kate Mulgrew, has thanked fans of the franchise for helping to save the series.

With so many different strands of Star Trek to enjoy, you’d think the prospect of a Star Trek series being canned wouldn’t disturb the status quo too much. Well, you’d be incredibly wrong. Turns out, the idea of the animated show, Star Trek Prodigy, being taken away from the Star Trek timeline was a very big deal, and fans rallied round to ensure its survival.

They succeeded, too. Some of the best Star Trek characters will live on in animated form on the best streaming service, Netflix, and Kate Mulgrew is very grateful.

The actor, who plays one of the best Star Trek captains, Kathryn Janeway in both Voyager and Prodigy, took to Twitter to share her delight at the news.

“A heartfelt thank you to our fans for their unwavering support (the plane!!) and to Netflix for giving Star Trek: Prodigy a new home. We have, truly, only just begun,” Mulgrew said.

She also shared an image with a further message on: “I’ve always held the belief that the Star Trek fan base is among the strongest and most intelligent in the world. They have shown their collective passion, and we’re happy to be able to celebrate Prodigy again.”

And celebrate we shall. More Star Trek is always a good thing, and Prodigy has a certain charm to it thanks to the quaint animation style that you just can’t get in live-action. It’s one of the best sci-fi series Trek has produced, and if you haven’t already, you really have no excuse now it’s heading to Netflix. When it becomes one of the best Netflix series, you’ll thank us.

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