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What’s behind the Red Door in Star Trek Picard?

Throughout Star Trek Picard season 3 we've gotten flashes of an ominous looking door. Here's what's behind the Red Door in Jack Crusher's mind.

Jack Crusher in Star Trek PIcard

What’s behind the Red Door in Star Trek Picard? The overarching mystery of Picard season 3 has been all about Jean-Luc’s son Jack Crusher and a mysterious Red Door that only he can see, which gives him incredible telepathic abilities.

Now we’ve seen plenty of species with psychic abilities across the main Star Trek series, but we’ve never seen anything like Jack’s powers before. So as Picard season 3 draws to a close (check out our Star Trek Picard season 3 review here), and we get ready to say goodbye to the Star Trek The Next Generation cast, it’s time for us to reveal guess at what’s behind the Red Door in Picard. Warning Star Trek spoilers ahead.

What’s behind the Red Door in Star Trek Picard?

The Borg are the beings behind the Red Door and they plan on using Jack Crusher to destroy The Federation. It was revealed in Star Trek Picard season 3 episode 9 that Picard has passed on a biological connection to the Borg Collective to his son.

At some point the Borg Queen became aware of Jack’s unique physiology and began to plot the destruction of The Federation. Using the Changelings she infiltrated Starfleet and coded Picard’s unique genetic code into the transporters.

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This meant that every time anyone used beaming tech a small part of their DNA was replaced with Picard’s. Over time this built an organic Borg Collective made up of everyone who’d been through a transporter. Like a Borg Queen Jack is capable of using this connection to take control of those infected with Picard’s DNA.

Once enough people had been spliced with Picard’s DNA, The Queen assimilated Jack, dubbing him in the process Vox, and used him to seize control of the entire Federation fleet through the new biological Collective.

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