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Does Spock love Nurse Chapel in Star Trek Strange New Worlds?

All good Star Trek has romance, and Strange New Worlds is no different. Read our explainer on the romance between Spock and Chapel and if they're in love.

Spock and Chapel in Strange New Worlds

Do Spock and Nurse Chapel love each other in Star Trek Strange New Worlds? Ah, romance in Star Trek: it’s iconic, really.

Riker and Troi, Worf and Jadzia, B’Elanna and Tom, Geordi and a hologram. The relationships between Star Trek characters define the Star Trek series they’re in, and now a new romance could be heating up with Spock and Nurse Chapel’s simmering relationship getting the spotlight in Star Trek Strange New Worlds season 2.

In Star Trek Strange New Worlds season 2 episode 1, Chapel raised Spock’s heart rate when she walked into sickbay. Now, in episode 4, the pair put aside their concerns and embrace their feelings for each other in a pretty impassioned kiss. Does the stoic Spock love Nurse Chapel?

Does Spock love Nurse Chapel?

Spock and Nurse Chapel have a complicated relationship which began in Star Trek Strange New Worlds season 1, and continues in season 2 and into the events of TOS. The pair share an evident mutual attraction, though any budding relationship is stifled by Spock’s engagement to T’Pring and his dedication to her.

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That dedication is put to one side after T’Pring ‘pauses’ their engagement (which we know ends badly from the TOS episode Amok Time) and allows Spock and Chapel to explore their connection, which has been building for a while.

The relationship we see in Strange New Worlds challenges canon and adds more complexity and nuance to what’s seen with Spock and Chapel in TOS. We could see them fall in (and out) of love. That’s a good thing, because it actually treats Chapel as her own human with her own desires, rather than just a love-drunk worshipper of the Vulcan science officer.

However, we know that ultimately Spock and Nurse Chapel won’t end up in a permanent relationship. Hopefully, Strange New Worlds continues to give Chapel agency and allows her to find romantic happiness elsewhere.

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