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Spider-Man fans are truly obsessed with this over-eager movie extra

If comic book fans are one thing, it's eagle-eyed. They can spot goofs and gaffs as if their life depended on it, and spotting funny extras is part of the job.

Bryce Dallas Howard and Tobey Maguire in Spider-Man 3

We all know how persnickety superhero movie fans can be, especially about things like the costume being right. They can sometimes trawl through comic book movies with such a fine-toothed comb, that they start to notice such details as extras in the background doing funny things. This recently happened with Doctor Strange 2, and there’s another great example in Spider-Man 3 – it looks as though Sam Raimi likes hiring extrovert extras grabbing their chance to shine in the spotlight.

In the Doctor Strange 2 example, it occurs when Steven Strange attends the wedding of his former love, Christine Palmer (Rachel McAdams). Over his shoulder, another wedding guest is ‘reacting’ to someone talking to her – which she does with wide-eyed fascination. But there are some fantastic extras in the 2000s Spider-Man movies too.

And a clip from 2007’s Spider-Man 3 has just gone viral, in which Bryce Dallas Howard’s Gwen Stacey is standing at a podium and introducing Spider-Man. There are three women behind her – all of whom give the performance of their lives. The middle one is most prominent, as she puts her hands on her head and waves it from side to side, while shouting Spider-Man as if she’s at a Harry Styles concert.

The lady next to her with short strawberry blonde hair should not be overlooked though. She does a fantastic hand-over-her-eyes ‘searching’ gesture. And to the other side of the main attraction, it looks as though the lady cups her hands around her mouth like a megaphone in order to shout Spider-Man even louder. Or maybe it’s a Wilhelm Scream.

We wonder if the ladies got together beforehand and agreed to do three different hand gestures, like the Three Wise Monkeys. We love a coordinated line-up of extras who are basically Spider-Man cheerleaders. Spider-Man 3 may be the most maligned of the Sam Raimi/Tobey Maguire trilogy, but there’s plenty of fun moments to look out for – such as the Spidey dance. Now, you’ve got these stellar performances to look out for too.

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