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Sons of Anarchy star says the TV series’ fans are “maniacs”

This Sons of Anarchy star revealed how much he appreciates the fans of the motorbike TV series, even if they are apparently maniacs.

Mark Boone Junior and Charlie Hunnam in Sons of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy has a pretty hardcore fanbase. And why wouldn’t it? The drama series ran for a long time. If you’re still watching a TV series after seven seasons, you either love it or don’t love yourself.

The story followed a group of bikers led by Charlie Hunnam’s Jax, and featured other names such as Ron Perlman. The show had a healthy life on its network, FX.

One Sons of Anarchy star appreciates their viewers very much and has spoken up about the, at times, intense support from fans of the crime series, calling them maniacs — lovingly, we hope.

Mark Boone Junior, who played fan-favourite Bobby Munson in the series, told The Hollywood Reporter “the fans of this show are maniacs. They are unbelievable,” in an interview.

Talking about their dismay in regard to the series having finished its original run, he added, “every fan I run into, and there are many everywhere I go, they express tremendous sadness and disappointment that this show is not continuing.”

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With so many shows ending early these days on streaming services, it makes sense that people who went the distance with Sons of Anarchy want it back in their TV schedule. Who knows, maybe a revival is down the road, or a spin-off.

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