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Glenn Close once refused to say a horrifying line, and we can see why

Glenn Close has had a colorful career to say the least, however, during her time on the hit TV series Sons of Anarchy there was a crude line she refused to say.

Glenn Close once refused to say a horrifying line, and we can see why

Sons of Anarchy was one of the best TV series ever made, and as such, it also featured some of the best actors in Hollywood. One of the surprising A-Listers in the Sons of Anarchy cast is Glenn Close. However, it turns out that she didn’t always have a smooth ride on the hit show.

In the drama series, Close plays the Sons of Anarchy character Monica Rawling, a captain in the Los Angeles Police Department. Monica appears in season 4 and has a strong moral compass, she is a standout fixture, and thankfully (thanks to Close’s intervention), she avoided saying one of the crudest lines in TV.

During an interview with Deadline, Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Stutter revealed that he regretted writing a line that Monica was initially set to say. The line in question was pretty horrific, so it’s understandable why the eight-time Academy Award nominee raised her concerns during the show’s read-through.

“Glenn Close was great on the show, and I loved that she was just like one of the boys, a lot of fun to work with. But Glenn has a certain pedigree,” Stutter said. “We had a line in a script I wrote in Season 4. She was threatening Anthony Anderson’s character. He had a son in jail, and I think the line was, ‘I’m going to make sure he has a back full of shiv and an ass full of cum.'”

“At the read-through, Glenn said, ‘Oh, I’m not saying that.’ Out loud, to the room, she just refused to say the line,” he continued. “And I looked at Shawn, and he was like, ‘Look, she’s not saying it.’ So we ended up giving the line to Walton Goggins’ character.”

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While some fans may point out that it’s an actor’s job to read their script, there has to be some integrity in their craft too. Close has more than paid her dues, starring in some of the best movies of all time, like The Big Chill and Fatal Attraction. Basically, she is above shocking value lines and has the momentum to hold her ground and avoid them if she deems fit.

Without the line, Monica still shone, proving that it wasn’t needed to add to the character at all. So yeah, Close made the correct call, in our eyes, anyway.

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