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Will there be a Skull Island season 2?

Kong's latest outing just hit Netflix and we already want more. Here is everything you need to know about the potential Skull Island season 2 release date.

Skull Island season 2 release date: Kong screaming in the Netflix series Skull Island

What is the Skull Island season 2 release date? The animated MonsterVerse is finally here, folks. Netflix has released the first season of the highly anticipated Skull Island, and already fans of overgrown apes and action are dying for more.

Releasing on June 22, Skull Island is the latest TV series from Netflix, which follows a group of shipwrecked survivors washing up on a deadly beach. The thriller series sees the gang have to survive Skull Island and navigate an unknown land filled with prehistoric monsters, including the iconic giant gorilla Kong. Season 1 was packed with thrills, anxiety and ended with plenty of unanswered questions. So naturally, many fans are already looking towards the future.

With that in mind, The Digital Fix has braved Kong’s lair to deliver you all the details. Here we go over if there will be a Skull Island 2 release date anytime soon and what season 1’s ending could mean for the animated series going forward.

Will there be a Skull Island season 2?

Currently, Netflix hasn’t renewed Skull Island season 2, but since the series ended on a cliffhanger, we expect a new season to be announced soon.

Honestly, it depends on how well the first season performs since Skull Island season 2 isn’t purely a Netflix decision. The animated series is a collaboration with Legendary Television and Powerhouse Studios.

This means that the decision to renew Skull Island will be more complex and possibly more time-consuming than other Netflix shows. But, we are hopeful since (as mentioned above) season 1 did have an open ending, and the story is just begging to be continued.

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At the end of season 1, the characters, Dog and Charlie’s, fate was left up in the air. So, our heroes already have more than enough reason to return to Skull Island for a season 2. I mean, who doesn’t love a good old rescue mission, right?

We will keep you updated as more news heads our way. In the meantime, you can check out our guides on everything new on Netflix this month and all the new movies heading our way in 2023.

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