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Jenna Ortega recommends classic horror movie for Scream 6 double bill

Scream 6 could be one of the best horror movies of the year, and Jenna Ortega wants to make sure you've got something scary to watch after the new movie.

Jenna Ortega survived Ghostface to return to the Scream cast for Scream 6

It’s an exciting week for slasher movie fans, with the Scream cast set to face off against movie villain Ghostface yet again as the Scream 6 release date finally arrives.

In the wake of another Scream bloodbath, fans will be seeking out some more of the best horror movies to watch after they learn the identity of the latest psychopath to wear the Ghostface mask.

Fortunately, Scream 6 star Jenna Ortega has a suggestion – and it’s an undeniable classic. Given that Ortega is a rare Ghostface survivor after the Scream 5 ending, we reckon she knows her scary movies better than most.

The horror movie specialists at Bloody Disgusting asked Ortega which movie she would suggest pairing with Scream 6 and, like a sort of slasher sommelier, the actor offered a perfect choice.

“I really don’t know that this works as a double feature, but I’ve been talking about that film, Deep Red, which is a ’70s slasher, masked killer; you don’t know who it is. Epic deaths, disco music playing during the deaths. I think it’s just a good time and beautifully shot.”

For horror fans, 1975 movie Deep Red – also known by its evocative Italian title Profondo Rosso or the more exactly-what-it-says-on-the-tin moniker The Hatchet Murders – is a real gem, helmed by giallo maestro Dario Argento.

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As much a detective movie as it is a blood-soaked horror, Deep Red follows a jazz pianist and a journalist investigating the murder of a psychic. There’s a black-gloved killer and gore aplenty, so what more could a horror lover want?

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