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This poll between two of the best actors is slowly driving people mad

A Twitter poll between two of the best actors of all time has completely split opinion, and people are struggling with being so indecisive about the legends.

Robert De Niro in Raging Bull

There are a few performers we can all agree are among the best actors. Denzel Washington? Yep. Meryl Streep? You know it. Robert De Niro? Obviously. Al Pacino? Naturally.

A Twitter poll on those last two has been breeding chaos among film fans over the last couple of days. User Ashley Reese posited the question: who’s hotter, young De Niro or Pacino? Friends, when I tell you the social internet simply could not decide.

This became one of the great existential quandaries of the platform. Actors who’ve made healthy contributions to the best movies of all time, working with the best directors ever, and both easy on the eyes, the population was split.

Hell, the population is still split. In a rare, lightning strike moment, the poll landed on exactly 50/50.

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I mean, if ever there was a subject to accept that we’re too divided on, maybe this is it? Many of the best drama movies and best thriller movies were brought up among the arguments, from Dog Day Afternoon to Raging Bull. The Godfather 2 was, of course, a nexus point for both, and might very well be the film that forced this tie overall.

We won’t take an opinion here, instead pointing you towards our new movies guide so you can keep an eye on what other stars might cause social media to crumble next.