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Rick and Morty crashed their own panel at Comic-Con @ Home

Rick and Morty crashed their own panel at Comic-Con @ Home

Rick and Morty are no strangers to breaking the fourth wall (they’re interdimensional travellers after all), but I don’t think anyone expected them ever to visit our Earth. Yet at the Rick and Morty Comic-Con @ Home panel, they did just that, dialling into the discussion just as host Brandon Johnson was trying to wrap things up.

During the call, Morty apologises to Brandon for being late, explaining that Rick made him dig a load of holes for some reason. Poor Morty then begs Johnson to do his Goldenfold voice – a character on the show that Johnson voices – while Rick berates him for trying to keep the panel going after everyone else has left.

Unfortunately, the appearance of Rick and Morty (voiced by series co-creator Justin Roiland) was probably the highlight of the panel. There were no announcements, and no new footage was shown. The panel, which was made up of Rick and Morty co-creator Dan Harmon, showrunner Scott Marder, and cast members Chris Parnell, Sarah Chalke, and Spencer Grammer, was basically an excuse for the cast and crew to have a mini-reunion.

They did drop a few tidbits, like Nimbus being based on David Bowie, a brief discussion of the rising tension between Rick and Morty, and Summer’s evolution into Rick’s second sidekick. Beyond that, though there wasn’t a lot to it. It was mostly them answering bizarre questions and Harmon making surreal observations.

Rick and Morty is currently halfway through its fifth season and is available on the streaming service All 4. If you love interdimensional travel and other sci-fi shenanigans check out our best science fiction movies list.