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This Resident Evil anime series is just the cutest

This adorable Resident Evil anime series is just what we needed to dull all our fears before playing the new Resident Evil 4 remake game.

Leon Kennedy in Resident Evil 4 anime series

Resident Evil has been chugging along since the ’90s, beginning with a single horror game and evolving into live-action zombie movies, a live-action Netflix series as well as anime series on the service, and a steady stream of games.

Some of its verticals are sillier than others, but there’s something for everyone, whether you prefer grisly games or sinking your teeth into TV series.

There’s another stream to add to this ocean of content, with an incredibly cute horror anime. While we don’t recommend swimming in it, as something is likely to chomp on you, you should check this out.

Capcom Asia is releasing mini-episodes titled ‘Resident Evil Masterpiece Theatre’. The anime has nostalgic styling and features short moments from Resident Evil 4, like when Leon first enters the village.

There are multiple episodes, each with an opening title that sees animated versions of the game’s enemies chasing after Leon, weapons raised, and cutesy backing vocals to boot.

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It doesn’t simply recreate sequences from the game, though. For example, we don’t remember Leon’s head being split open with an axe and a rainbow bursting out of it in the game. And if that’s not enough, there’s a Resident Evil 8 puppet show.

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