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Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon begins filming

Rebel Moon, the new sci-fi movie from director Zack Snyder, has started filming, with the director sharing some behind-the-scenes images on Twitter

zack snyder rebel moon

Rebel Moon, the latest ambitious sci-fi movie project by Zack Snyder, has finally begun filming, with the director sharing snaps previewing the action on his Twitter. The acclaimed director announced the beginning of the action movie‘s production on April 19, sharing two behind-the-scene photos along with the tweet, “Day one. It’s begun.”

The photos appear to show the interior of a spacecraft, a desert-like setting, and Djimon Hounsou in full makeup and costume for his role as the character General Titus. Other cast members for the sci-fi epic include Sofia Boutella, who will be playing lead character Kora,  former DCEU star Ray Fisher as resistance fighter Blood Axe, and Rupert Friend as Regent Balisairus, who is believed to be the film’s Big Bad alongside Doona Bae, who is also playing an unnamed villain role.

Other members of the star-studded cast include Charlie Hunnam, Jena Malone, Staz Nair, E. Duffy, Charlotte Maggi, Ingvar Sigurdsson, and Sky Yang. The film was first announced in July 2021, with Snyder telling The Hollywood Reporter that he hopes Rebel Moon “becomes a massive IP” and a “universe that he can build out”

Snyder is directing and producing the adventure movie for streaming service Netflix. He co-wrote the script with 300’s Kurt Johnson and Army of the Dead’s Shay Hatten.

According to THR, Snyder initially pitched the concept of Rebel Moon to Lucasfilm as part of the Star Wars universe — but these plans were said to be shelved after Disney bought out the production company.

Rebel Moon is said to focus on a young woman with a mysterious past who is dispatched by a peaceful colony on the edge of the galaxy to rally warriors from neighbouring planets to combat the threat of regent Balisarius and his army.

A release date for the Netflix movie has not yet been announced.