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One of Hitchcock’s best movies was released 73 years ago today

Today is an important day in film history, because one of the best Alfred Hitchcock movies released 73 years ago on this very day. Let's celebrate the thriller.

Janet Leigh as Marion Crane in Psycho

Rear Window, Vertigo, Psycho, and more… picking out the stand-out film in one of the most influential director’s careers is a mammoth task. But we feel pretty confident Psycho is one of the best movies in Alfred Hitchcock‘s filmography.

Commonly referred to as one of the best directors of all time, Hitchcock’s fingerprints are all over cinema as we know it. From the slashers we think are classics to the new movies being made today, ‘Hitchcockian’ filmmaking is something many a director strives for.

It has been 73 years since the release of Psycho, and it’s more than worthy of being celebrated, even after all these years.

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It all started with the horror picture that went on to inspire the best slasher movies, 1960’s Psycho. Film buffs won’t need a history lesson here, but if you’ve only heard about it and never watched, it’s a fast track to get your film historian badge and start your journey into important milestones in cinema.

Featuring perhaps the most infamous movie villains ever, Hitchcock’s tale of murder and suspense follows the investigation into the missing Marion Crane (Janet Leigh), who took off from her job after robbing a pile of her cash. She ends up at the Bates Motel, a location that has been referenced many a time. (Pretty Little Liars fans, do you remember the Lost Woods Resort episode?)

Jamie Lee Curtis dressed as Janet Leigh in Psycho

It was nominated for four Oscars and the iconic shower scene where Marion meets her end, setting up the story’s mystery, is a pop-culture touchstone. Just ask Halloween‘s scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis, Leigh’s daughter, who recreated it for a viral photo. She also showed up to a Halloween Kills event in full costume.

Today, we’re celebrating 73 years since the release of Psycho. For more of the best horror movies and best thriller movies, check out the Scream 7 release date, the Halloween movies in order, and the Insidious 5 review for something current. The team also has plenty of thoughts on slashers and the like, and here’s why we think Scream 4 had the best Ghostface reveal and how Psycho broke Hollywood taboos.