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Predator’s ending doesn’t actually make sense thanks to this sequel

A Reddit user has pointed out that the predator's behavior at the end of the original Predator movie doesn't fit with how they operate in the sequels.

Arnold Schwarzengger in Predator

When movie franchises become so long-running that they span decades, such as Star Wars, Halloween, Terminator and more, the sequels can often retcon certain things from the original movies. And a Reddit user thinks they’ve spotted an example of this in the popular science fiction movie series Predator.

Hungry-san poses the question on everybody’s lips; “Why did the predator from Predator (1987) pull such a bitch move?” They go on to explain further about the action movie series; “The whole lore for predators that was established in the movies and comics was that predators take an ‘L’ like a champ. They welcome people to try and kill them because then the other predators learn from their weaknesses and grow stronger. Like in Predators (2010) when the main character killed one, they rewarded him for his victory, they didn’t try and kill him in spite.”

“Another little detail that proves this is in the 2018 movie The Predator. The predator in that movie had exploitable weaknesses in his arsenal that are gone in later movies because his death led to the predators growing stronger. So why did the predator from the original movie try and nuke Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s character? Seems like a very dishonorable way to go out. It also probably destroyed any footage his armor had of the fight for his people to learn from.”

At least one person commented on this by pointing out that making things up ‘literally decades later’ that doesn’t coincide with the original, is not the fault of the original movie. And others point out that the predators being magnanimous in victory is a retcon from later in the series.

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Someone else points out that “If he was trying to kill Arnie he would have just detonated the bomb without an obvious ‘countdown till explosion’ counter that Dutch could clearly see. He gave Dutch time to get away before he blew himself up to cover his tracks. At least that’s my head canon for ‘in-universe’ reason.”

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