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One of the hardest games ever has unofficially become a horror movie

Buckle up and get ready to head to Montana, because Paramount is releasing the unofficial horror movie for this iconic '80s video game.

One of the hardest games ever has unofficially become a horror movie

If you have ever played the challenging video game Oregon Trail, you know how brutal early America could be. You have to survive through limited supplies, brutal weather, and tons of disease. So, what could be better than a dark new horror movie that takes the setting from the game and expands it into a terrifying thriller?

Named Organ Trail, Paramount is giving all of us gaming fans the Oregon Trail-based movie that we always wanted. According to IMDb, the official synopsis for Organ Trail reads: “A young Abigale Archer, alone in the Montana winter during the 1870s, fights for her survival and to retrieve her one earthly possession, a family horse, from a gang of bloodthirsty bandits.”

In the trailer for the new movie, we see beautiful landscapes along with some pretty gnarly shots of dead bodies and screaming. The film is directed by Michael Patrick Jann, and stars the likes of Euphoria cast member Olivia Grace Applegate and Riverdale star Zoé De Grand Maison.

You can watch the Organ Trail trailer down below:

YouTube Thumbnail

Now before all you gaming fans get too excited, Organ Trail may have the same setting and cover the same bit of history as Oregon Trail – but it isn’t an adaptation of the video game. The ‘80s strategy game hasn’t been cited as a direct influence – however, the parallels between the two projects are undeniable.

Therefore, we feel pretty confident in dubbing the upcoming thriller movie as an unofficial Oregon Trail movie – and urge fans of the game series to check out the film, which is out in theatres right now.

Organ Trail released in cinemas on April 14, 2023. Paramount Plus subscribers will also get the chance to watch the flick on the streaming service on Ma7 12.

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