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One-Punch Man just got a surprising update (but it’s not season 3)

We're still awaiting news on One-Punch Man season 3, but in the meantime we've gotten another kind of update that should make fans of the anime series happy.

Saitama in One-Punch Man

We don’t have the One-Punch Man season 3 release date, but something else almost as cool has happened. One, creator of One-Punch Man, has finally updated the webcomic version of the beloved anime series, after a two year hiatus.

The new chapter can be seen on Galaxy Heavy Blow, where you can see One-Punch Man characters Geto and Saitama on another merry quest. That original post is in Japanese, and if you’re an English speaker, fans Graywords and VibhavM have provided a translation here.

Since the animated series has been underway for several years now, and the manga’s still truckin’, there were worries that the webcomic would be perpetually sidelined. Thankfully, that’s not the case.

Since One-Punch Man started back in 1999 as a webcomic, the format is integral to the property. One, stressed though he undoubtedly is, seems determined to maintain that part of his universe.

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We’re still waiting on any shrivel of news about the new season of One-Punch Man. It was confirmed back in August 2022, and we’ve had barely a mention since. This isn’t unusual for anime to be fair, but we’re now over four years since season 2 premiered, creating a lot off anticipation.

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