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John Cena is making a buddy cop comedy movie for Amazon

John Cena is heading to Amazon Studios with Officer Exchange, a buddy cop comedy movie about taking down a diamond smuggling ring in India

John Cena

John Cena is fresh off a successful year that has included dipping his toe into the Fast franchise and the DCEU, particularly winning critical acclaim for HBO Max TV series Peacemaker. His most recent movie The Bubble is currently on Netflix. And it looks like Cena is now in a good position to start lining up new projects, including Officer Exchange, a buddy cop comedy movie that is in development at Amazon Studios.

According to Deadline, Cena will play Shepard AKA Shep, a wrecking ball of a cop who teams up with an Indian police officer to take down a diamond smuggling ring in India. One of the Peacemaker producers, Peter Safran, is involved in the project, and Cena will executive produce.

John Cena has over ten upcoming projects listed on his IMDb, including Argylle, a spy movie starring Henry Cavill. Cena has emulated the career of Dwayne Johnson, by making a successful transition from the world of wrestling to the world of Hollywood stardom.

He has so far appeared in mostly comedies such as Playing with Fire, Blockers and Daddy’s Home, as well as the occasional blockbuster such as Bumblebee.

Buddy cop movies have been a successful sub-genre over the years, with Lethal Weapon, Die Hard with a Vengeance, Men in Black, 21 Jump Street, Bad Boys, Point Break, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, The Nice Guys, and Zootopia all bringing their own twists on the theme. Hot Fuzz is perhaps the ultimate example, as it’s a loving homage to the genre. John Cena will have a lot to live up to.

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