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Is No Hard Feelings streaming? How to watch the Jennifer Lawrence film

Jennifer Lawrence is funnier than ever in No Hard Feelings. Find out if the comedy movie is streaming on Netflix and Prime Video, as well as other platforms.

How to watch No Hard Feelings on streaming services

Is No Hard Feelings streaming? Growing up can be hard, especially with overly meddling parents, as we learned in this year’s R-rated comedy No Hard Feelings. Jennifer Lawrence played a woman who does what she must to save her house, even if that means dating a 19-year-old.

Directed by Gene Stupnitsky, No Hard Feelings goes down as one of the wackiest new movies of 2023. With an A-lister cast and genuinely funny one-liners, the film grabbed the public’s attention thanks to a powerhouse performance from Lawrence in the lead role, as we wrote in our No Hard Feelings review.

Now, fans will be pleased to hear that one of the best comedy movies of the year is racing into your living room via some of the best streaming services. Fortunately, we’re here to pick through all of the different platforms and tell you how to watch No Hard Feelings, so that you can enjoy Jennifer Lawrence at her funniest as soon as possible.

Where can I watch No Hard Feelings?

No Hard Feelings is now available on multiple premium VOD platforms in the USA, including Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV.

After getting cinema audiences chuckling, No Hard Feelings is now heading into your home, becoming available to rent and buy.

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Is No Hard Feelings streaming?

No Hard Feelings is only available to rent or buy right now, but it will be heading to Netflix very soon.

Netflix and Sony have a deal, which means that the film was always likely to end up on the streaming service.

How to watch No Hard Feelings: Jennifer Lawrence in No Hard Feelings

Is No Hard Feelings on Netflix?

No Hard Feelings is set to release on Netflix on September 23, 2023.

Sony and Netflix signed a five-year deal that gave the streaming giant exclusive first-pay-window US streaming rights for the studio’s movies. This means it’ll soon join the slate of all the other best Netflix movies!

How to watch No Hard Feelings: Jennifer Lawrence as Maddie in No Hard Feelings crawling on the ground in a pink dress after getting pepper spray in her eyes

Is No Hard Feelings on Disney Plus?

Sorry folks, No Hard Feelings isn’t streaming on Disney Plus and likely won’t be, at least for a year or two.

If Netflix picks up the film, which we assume it will, Disney will have to wait patiently to pick up the distribution rights. If you still favor the House of Mouse, check out everything new on Disney Plus this month.

How to watch No Hard Feelings: Maddie and Percy in a car in the movie No Hard Feelings

Is No Hard Feelings on Prime Video?

No Hard Feelings is available to buy on Prime Video for $19.99 right now, but you can’t watch it for free as a subscriber just yet.

Viewers in the USA can buy No Hard Feelings as a premium VOD pick right now, but you’ll have to wait a while longer before it becomes available to stream for subscribers as part of what’s new on Amazon Prime. You can also rent it for a limited time for $5.99.

If you are keen to check out Prime Video’s offerings, be sure to click our link here to sign up for a 30-free-day trial of a Prime membership.

How to watch No Hard Feelings: Jennifer Lawrence as Maddie in No Hard Feelings on her phone

Is No Hard Feelings on Blu-ray?

No Hard Feelings was released on Blu-ray on August 29, 2023.

You can buy the Blu-ray on Amazon Prime, or from wherever else you prefer to gather your physical media from.

And that is everything we know about No Hard Feelings’ distribution plans! For more side-splitting picks, here are the best rom-coms, and the best comedy series of all time. We also have a list of the best movies ever, if you are after the classics.

And if you can’t wait to watch No Hard Feelings again, find out what Jennifer Lawrence thought about the film’s true story, and hear what director Gene Stupnitsky had to say about the film in our No Hard Feelings director interview.