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One of the wackiest horror movies ever is climbing the Netflix charts

It's happened! One of the weirdest and wildest horror movies ever made is tearing up the Netflix charts and we couldn't be happier.

Malignant is now 9th on the UK netflix charts

Horror movies can be funny old things (sometimes literally). What one horror hound considers absolutely terrifying, another will find patently absurd, but the best the genre has to offer can often blend the obscene and the ridiculous, and one film on Netflix proves it.

Yes, if you’re a Netflix subscriber, you can watch one of the best horror movies of the last decade (or one of our favorites, at the very least) which is currently tearing up the Netflix charts. We’re talking, of course, about the wonderfully wacky slasher movie Malignant from the man behind the Saw movies and the Conjuring movies, James Wan.

At the time of writing, Malignant is currently ninth on the Netflix charts in the UK, and as someone who adores the film, it’s easy to see why. Malignant kind of got overlooked when it was in cinemas in 2021 — grossing a rather modest $34.9 million at the global box office — partly thanks to some lackluster marketing and Covid-19 lockdowns.

Now, you may be wondering what makes Malignant so special. Well, honestly, if you have to ask, you should probably stop reading now and go hunt down a copy because the more you know about this monster movie, the less you’ll enjoy it.

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Still with us? Good. We’re still not going to go into specifics, but it’s safe to say that Malignant features one of the wildest and wackiest twists in the history of horror cinema. If you really need to know, you can watch it here.

If you’ve seen it, though, you’ll know you can forget the fact Bruce Willis is a ghost, that Simón’s dead in the basement, or that Norman Bates’s mom is rotting in the fruit cellar. Malignant’s twist blows them all out of the water. Fun fact: My friends and I love this twist so much that we now judge movie twists by how they compare to Malignant’s reveal. That’s right: it redefined how we think about films.

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