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Surprising rom-com jumps into the Netflix top ten

The home of the hidden gem, the UK Netflix movies top ten, has dredged up yet another rom-com from the depths of Hollywood. Maybe it's time for a rewatch.

Cameron Diaz in What Happens in Vegas

Netflix‘s top ten: the home of the hidden gem or the place where millions of people press play on the most inexplicable new movies available, you decide. Nobody can accuse the Netflix chart of being boring, at least.

To that point, a 2000s romantic comedy starring Cameron Diaz has made its way into the UK’s best Netflix movies (according to the numbers, at least).

Now, is it one of the best rom-coms ever made? No. That would be Juno or 13 going on 30, if you ask us. But the appearance of What Happens in Vegas in Netflix’s list is bringing back a lot of nostalgia for the Ashton Kutcher-heavy era it was made in.

The 2008 comedy stars Diaz and Kutcher as a pair of lucky strangers who drunkenly wed and win big in a Vegas casino. And amidst confusion over who the winnings truly belong to, have to share the pot and cohabitate as a couple. You can view the trailer right here.

YouTube Thumbnail

Of, course, they dislike each other. And, of course — like a good fan-fic — their feelings evolve over time. The actors both play two snarky and financially-motivated characters who soften up to each other and are more alike than they first think.

The romance movie only has a 25% on Rotten Tomatoes, but we say it’s a perfectly fine comfort watch for hungover Sundays or nights in with plenty of pizza to supplement the cozy, gone, 2000s vibe we have heart-eyes for. Also, the world deserves a Diaz renaissance, so please keep clicking play, everybody. This is how we win.

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