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One of the best 2022 movies is now streaming on Netflix

If you love drama movies then your next film night is sorted, friends. Netflix has just added one of the best movies from 2022 to its library in the US.

One of the best 2022 movies is now streaming on Netflix

It’s time to get comfy and grab some popcorn, folks, because Netflix has got your next movie night covered. US subscribers of the streaming service will be thrilled to hear that one of the best 2022 movies (and now one fo the best Netflix movies)has just been added to Netflix’s platform, Oliver Hermanus’s Living.

Written by Kazuo Ishiguro, who adapted the story from the Japanese film Ikiru directed by Akira Kurosawa, Living tells the story of a London bureaucrat facing a fatal illness. Starring the likes of Bill Nighy, the drama movie was a hit when it was released in November 2022, and even grabbed the attention of award bodies.

During the 95th Academy Awards, Living was nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay as well as Best Actor. So yeah, the fact that Netflix managed to bag the distribution rights for a flick that is widely regarded by industry professionals as one of the best movies in recent years is a big deal.

And if the massive accolades aren’t enough to convince you to add Living to your watch list, The Digital Fix team has seen the film as well and couldn’t recommend it enough. In our four-star Living review, Fiona Underhill commented how Ishiguro’s script is brilliantly adapted for its new setting.

“Transferring the story to a post-war, ‘stiff upper lip’ Britain obsessed with both social class and strict workplace hierarchies absolutely works,” she writes. “A beautiful film.”

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So what are you waiting for? It is time to settle on your couch and get glued to your small screens. However, before we all start switching on our TVs for joy, we do have some bad news, folks.

Living is currently only out on Netflix for our US-based readers. UK fans can watch the film on alternative platforms such as Prime Video, but currently, there is no word on a UK Netflix release date. Stay tuned for updates!

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