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Is Napoleon streaming? Here’s how to watch

If historical drama is your thing, here are the streaming and cinema details for Ridley Scott's Napoleon so you can watch the new movie.

Joaquin Phoenix as Napoleon

Is Napoleon streaming? Ridley Scott’s epic about one of the most famous men in history is finally here, and below we have all your options for how to watch the new movie.

There are two options for seeing Napoleon, so whether you prefer cinema seats for new movies or the comfort of your own couch with the best streaming services, you can enjoy the painterly visuals and mammoth battles.

Is Napoleon streaming?

You can watch Napoleon exclusively in cinemas on November 22, 2023, in the US and UK. The movie will stream on Apple TV Plus at a later date.

After a cinema run befitting of a Scott film, Napoleon will join everything else new on Apple TV Plus in the near future. How long that wait is will likely depend on how well it performs at the box office. The less money it makes, the shorter the window should be.

If you need a subscription to join in on the fun (or lack of it, lots of people are murdered), you can use our affiliate link above if you’d like. Honestly, though, we think this is one for the big screen — that’s how we’ll be seeing it!

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If you’ve got some time to kill before the streaming release date, we have the best Apple TV Plus shows in the meantime. And this isn’t the only project from the filmmaker to keep in mind, there’s Gladiator 2, too. You can also find out why Joaquin Phoenix slapped his Napoleon co-star.

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