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How to watch My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission - can you stream the new MHA movie?

Deku, Dynamight, and Shoto are back in My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission - when can you see it, and will it be available to stream?

How to watch My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission

How can you watch My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission? The third anime movie based on the incredibly popular anime series takes hero Deku on an international adventure. This time, he and the other Pro-Heroes are facing Humarise, an anti-Quirk cult hellbent on genocide to remove anyone with powers from the planet.

Set across multiple cities, with more superheroes than your typical Marvel Cinematic Universe crossover, World Heroes’ Mission is the grandest My Hero Academia adventure yet. Still working their way up the ranks of heroism, Deku, Dynamight, and Shoto are joined by new MHA character Rody Soul, a petty thief who learns his destiny can be whatever he decides.

It’s all very lovely and colourful and the perfect thing to catch in a theatre. Thankfully, that’s an option, but if you prefer your animated movies at home, what are your choices? When should you pop down to your local cineplex, and when should you settle in with some popcorn for a comfy night in? We don’t have Quirks, but if we did, they would almost certainly involve providing viewing information in a clear, concise manner. We’ll be hearing that praise from All Might any second now.

Where can you watch My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission?

You can see the new My Hero Academia movie in theatres on the weekend of October 29. The film got wide distribution, with many of the major theatrical chains hosting a screening around that date. You will need to check local listings for an exact time, but between Friday, October 29 and Saturday, October 30, you should be able to find somewhere that’s presenting the flick.

Thankfully, both the subbed and dubbed versions of the family movie were available. The dubbed voice cast is strong, with the likes of Justin Briner, Clifford Chapin, Patrick Seitz, and more reprising their roles. However, if you’re dead set on watching subtitles, you can still enjoy the film.

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Can you stream My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission?

You can’t stream My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission yet. However, Crunchyroll has announced that you can buy it on DVD and Blu-ray on August 23. Both previous My Hero Academia movies took around six months to move to DVD and Blu-ray, and you can now purchase them via Amazon Prime or watch them on streaming service Netflix UK.

It’s likely that, since Crunchyroll is distributing the theatrical release, it’ll end up there for streaming, but that’s just speculation. For now, we have the physical release to look forward to.