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Michelle Pfeiffer made Al Pacino bleed before they even shot Scarface

Al Pacino's played some fiery characters but Michelle Pfeiffer managed to draw first blood (literally) before the cameras started rolling on Scarface.

Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface

Al Pacino’s appeared in some of the best movies ever made, and he’s made a name for himself playing dangerous men. We imagine then that he can be quite an intimidating guy to be around, although, on the set of Scarface, it was his co-star Michelle Pfeiffer that you had to watch out for.

According to Pfeiffer herself, before shooting had even begun on the thriller movie, she’d managed to injure Pacino after getting a little too into her performance while auditioning. The Batman Returns star admitted as much to Jimmy Fallon, explaining that she was a little nervous during her first audition and thrilled when she got an invite to do a screen test with Pacino.

“I show up, and we do the scene, the restaurant scene at the end, where I kind of freak out at the end,” she told Fallon. “I threw dishes, and everything went flying, and I broke things, [people yelled] cut. I was in it, and there’s blood everywhere, and everyone comes running over to me, checking me out for blood, where am I cut? They’re not finding anything; there are no cuts on me. I look over, and Al is bleeding. I cut Al Pacino. And that’s how I got the part.”

Regardless of what won Pfeiffer the role of Elvira Hancock, it turned out to be her big break. While she didn’t get any award nominations, critics highlighted her role in the film. It helped her secure parts in critical darlings like Dangerous Liaisons and The Fabulous Baker Boys.

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As for that Pacino fella? Well, he didn’t end up doing too badly either, although we’ve no idea what he’s up to these days, probably helping to sell Dunkaccinos

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