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Tyrese Gibson tricked into thinking Martin Scorsese loves Morbius

Tyrese Gibson has been duped into thinking legendary filmmaker Martin Scorsese loves his new movie Morbius after someone posted a fake review

Tyrese Gibson tricked into thinking Martin Scorsese loves Morbius

The reviews for Morbius are in, and they aren’t looking great! The new entry in the SPUMC (Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters) has been labelled a mess by many critics, but Tyrese Gibson, who stars in the movie, found one review he really loved. Unfortunately, that review, which suggested none other than Martin Scorsese loved the movie, was actually a fake.

Morbius, which expands Sony’s attempts at matching the MCU by bringing in new Spider-Man related content, had been delayed multiple times during production. Now, it’s finally in cinemas, and while it is performing well at the box-office, critics are giving it a bit of a hard time (me included).

After Martin Scorsese’s well-known criticism of comic book movies, it has become a bit of a long-running joke to riff on this whenever a new movie comes out. One Twitter user took advantage of this, by posting a glowing review of Morbius, suggesting it came from the legendary filmmaker himself. Gibson then spotted this review, and enthusiastically shared it on his Instagram.

It remains to be seen whether Gibson knew what he was doing and posted the review ironically, or whether the Fast and Furious actor was actually well and truly duped into believing Martin Scorsese had changed his mind on comic book movies so dramatically.

On his Instagram, Gibson posted a screenshot of the original tweet, with the caption, “Wow wow wow I can’t believe what just happened who… Cheers and hats off to you Daniel Espinosa this is so amazing King! This is the KING of KINGS of cinema Martin Scorsese this is huge…”

The original fake review cited Scorsese as saying, “I was aghast to find out it was based on a comic book. This is the truest height of cinema and even I cannot top it. A wise man admits when he is wrong and I was wrong, I apologise to all comic book movies.”

Gibson has since deleted the Instagram post, after numerous replies from fans highlighting his hilarious mistake.

If you have seen Morbius, you might want to sink your teeth into our ending explained guide to answer any questions you may have. You may also want to check out the best April Fool’s Day pranks, and see if you would have been tricked like Tyrese Gibson.