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This year’s best April Fool’s Day pranks, from Ryan Reynolds to goats

Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds, Steve-O from Jackass, Rick and Morty, and Doctor Who are among the subjects of April Fool's Day pranks this year

Best April Fool's Day pranks: Goat Simulator and Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool

Everyone fancies themselves a comedian on April Fool’s Day, and that extends to the world of movies and TV series. Once a year, on April 1, you should take every piece of news with a massive pinch of salt, lest you have your hopes raised and dashed in glorious fashion.

This year is no different, though a few have been convincing. Naturally, Hollywood rascal and Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds is straight in with the news that he’d be jumping from owner to goalkeeper for Wrexham FC, the Welsh football team he co-owns with Rob McElhenney. Unfortunately he isn’t actually stepping onto the pitch just yet, but the image alone is delightful.

CBeebies host, Andy Day has been announced as the new Doctor on Doctor Who. The official account for the BBC’s child-friendly brand congratulated his success with a rather fetching photoshop. On the other end of the pop culture spectrum, Adult Swim has Libby, from the animated series Learning with Pibby: Apocalypse, disrupting other shows from the network. The highlight is the Rick and Morty clip, where Morty’s brain appears to be hacked mid-scene. Whoa!

In a move to bring in more youths, Reading Cinemas in Australia has announced that for a set price, you can have an entire screen to yourself to mindlessly scroll through TikTok. Bargain at any price!

In what is perhaps the most gutting fakeout of the day, game publisher Coffee Stain revealed that Jackass’s own Steve-O would be directing a musical based on Goat Simulator. The notion of Steve-O wrangling a herd of goats for one last chorus, perhaps a cover of rock staple ‘Any Way You Want It’ by Journey, is just beautiful.

Lastly, there was the bombshell that Disney is turning Pixar movie Toy Story into live-action. We’ll let you make your own mind up on the truth and validity of that one.

Stay vigilant out there friends – check out the best comedy movies for more honest laughs.