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Morbius ending and post-credit scenes explained

The latest instalment in the Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters is here, but what happens at the end of Morbius - we explain everything here

Morbius ending explained

What happens at the end of Morbius? If you’ve been to see the new comic book horror movie from Sony and Marvel, you may have some questions about how the story of Doctor Michael Morbius and his vampiric alter-ego plays out. While we weren’t exactly fans of the movie (to put it gently), there’s still plenty to dissect and we did a deep dive into the undead, just for you!

Morbius stars Jared Leto as the titular character, a talented and intelligent man who suffers from a rare blood disease that is slowly killing him. When he fuses his DNA with that of a bat, things get messy, and he develops incredible abilities like sonar, flight, and an unquenchable thirst for human blood.

The third act of Morbius is full of big, vampire battles, character deaths, and a couple of post-credit scenes that connect to the wider comic book world. So, who lives and who dies? And, how does Morbius tie into other Sony and MCU movies? Sink your teeth into the answers below, but beware, there are spoilers ahead!

How does Morbius defeat Milo?

A little context first, just in case you missed it – Milo AKA Lucien, is Michael Morbius’ oldest friend. He also suffers from the same debilitating blood disease, so when he discovers there’s a cure, he ignores the dangers and steals the serum. However, while Morbius tries to control his vampiric urges, Milo (Matt Smith) embraces them and becomes the villain of the movie.

Milo is desperate for Morbius to join him in his evil escapades, but Morbius refuses. So, Milo destroys everything Morbius holds dear; from their old carer and mentor Dr. Emil Nicholas, to Martine Bancroft, Morbius’ lover. This ultimately leads the two vampires into a head-on battle to the death.

Milo’s sheer aggression and unflinching willingness to kill would ordinarily put him at an advantage, but Morbius finally succumbs and drinks ‘the red’, giving him heightened strength. Until that point, Morbius had been surviving on artificial blue blood, but he drinks Martine Bancroft’s blood, as her final, dying gift to him.

The fight between Morbius and Milo is over pretty quickly in the end, with Morbius summoning an army of bats to help him out. The bats keep Milo distracted, while Morbius swoops down on his old friend and injects him with an anti-body serum that kills him.

Morbius ending explained: What happened to Martine Bancroft?

What happened to Martine Bancroft?

The short answer is, Milo killed her. But it’s a little more complicated than that. Although Milo did indeed leave Martine Bancroft for dead, she still had enough life in her to say goodbye to Morbius. She also managed to give him a parting gift, too.

Bancroft does two very significant things just before she dies. First of all, she kisses Morbius, bites his lip, and allows some of his blood to fall in her mouth. Pretty disgusting, right? Well, this actually allows her to mutate in the same way as Morbius and Milo, and come back to life as a vampire herself.

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Secondly, she allows Morbius to suck her blood (not that she had much choice), which gives Morbius the sufficient upgrade he needs to defeat Milo and save the day.

As the movie concludes, we return to the rooftop where Martine Bancroft’s corpse was left, and we see her eyes open. The only difference now is, she has red, vampiric eyes, which suggests we haven’t seen the last of her!

Morbius ending explained: Post-credit scenes

What happens in the Morbius post-credit scenes?

There are two scenes in the credits of Morbius, both of which involve Spider-Man villain Adrian Toomes, AKA Vulture (Michael Keaton). The fact that we see this character crossover from the MCU into Morbius’ world opens up a whole host of possibilities regarding the future of Spider-Man, and more explicitly, the Sinister Six.

The first post-credit scene reveals the dimensional rift in the sky we see at the end of Spider-Man: No Way Home. We know now that this momentary split in the multiverse allowed various characters linked to Spider-Man to be transported to different universes, just like Venom.

In Morbius, Adrian Toomes finds himself in a new prison cell, in a different prison, in a different reality. Curiously, because Toomes hasn’t actually broken any laws in this particular reality, he is allowed to walk free.

Then, in the second post-credit scene, we see Morbius on a seemingly deserted patch of land, waiting for something or someone. In flies Toomes, kitted out in his Vulture suit (we’re not entirely sure how he acquired this in the new dimension), and he has a proposition for Morbius.

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Vulture explains that he thinks he’s in a different universe due to Spider-Man, and suggests that he and Morbius form a team. This is an obvious nod to the formation of the Sinister Six, a famous group of villains who seek to destroy Spider-Man.

It’s unclear at this stage why Morbius would have any issues with Spider-Man, or why he would want to align himself with the villainous Vulture at all, for that matter. But we’re sure Sony has a plan for all of that!