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Tom Holland spoiled No Way Home for Ms Marvel star

Spider-Man: No Way Home and Ms Marvel were being filmed close to each other simultaneously — but Iman Vellani got more than she bargained for when she met Tom

spider-man spoiler

With his reputation for spoiling things, Tom Holland must be haunting Kevin Feige’s nightmares at this point — but his reign of terror knows no bounds, as he couldn’t help himself from spoiling Spider-Man: No Way Home from the MCU‘s newest recruit, Iman Vellani.

In the face of countless rumours and Reddit leaks, Spider-Man actors Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire remained steadfast in their lies that they weren’t involved in the MCU movie. However, being so excited to work with fellow Spideys, Holland couldn’t resist spilling the beans to Vellani: regardless of whether she wanted to hear it or not.

Sharing the story during an Elite Daily interview, Vellani explained that Ms Marvel was filming in an Atlanta studio next to where Holland was shooting No Way Home. A suited-up Holland, she said, visited her in hair and makeup. “I was half-dressed, literally a bra and biker shorts,” she recalled. “I was like, ‘Oh, my God. I am half naked right now.’ But he was so nice.”

As the two got to know each other, Holland asked Vellani about her Phase 4 Disney Plus TV series. “He was like, ‘What’s your show even about?’ I was like, ‘What’s Spider-Man about?’’ she said. But then, he let her in on a huge spoiler.

“He [Tom] fully shows me a photo of him with Tobey Maguire!” she said. “I get we’re both in Marvel, but I didn’t need to know that before it happened.”

Spider-Man: No Way Home is now available on VOD, DVD, and Blu-Ray, while Ms Marvel can be streamed weekly on Disney Plus.