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Thor: Love and Thunder toys give us best look at Natalie Portman’s Thor

Newly released images of Japanese toys could give us our first look at Natalie Portman and Chris Hemsworth's costumes for Thor 4

Natalie Portman and Thor

The latest installment of the Thor Saga is heading our way in just four and a half months, if we go by the July 8 date that is currently slated. However, since we saw Taika Waititi presenting Natalie Portman with Mjölnir at SDCC way back in 2019, we’ve barely seen or heard anything about the MCU’s Thor: Love and Thunder.

Until now. Although it still isn’t an official source, we do have our first look at what could be both Thor and Jane’s costumes in the new superhero movie. According to ScreenCrush; this week the Japanese toy company S.H. Figuarts unveiled their “Mighty Thor” and “Jane Foster” figures and while the images all note they are “pending licensor approval” and could change, they could offer some clues.

Thor has a blue and gold costume, with fingerless glove/gauntlets and still has the braid in his hair from Endgame. He is also depicted with the “blue lightning eyes” that we first saw at the end of Ragnarok. We do know that Thor is back to his hench self after he controversially “let himself go” in between Infinity War and Endgame.

Jane has shoulder-length blonde hair and a metal helmet with wings that covers her eyes. She has a black-and-silver breast-plate and a reddish-brown leather skirt with boots. She has similar fingerless gloves/gauntlets as Thor, but in black, silver and the dark red rather than blue and gold.

As far as what we do know so far about Thor: Love and Thunder – Christian Bale joins the cast as villain Gorr, the God-Butcher, a powerful alien who wants to kill all godlike beings in the universe. Russell Crowe will also be joining, as Zeus. Filming wrapped in June 2021, a full year before the release date, so it will be surprising if it doesn’t make its July schedule.

Other than some blurry long-lens paparazzi photos, we haven’t seen any images of Christian Bale yet. Some other leaked photos from set saw Thor and Jane on a date, eating hot dogs and possibly ring shopping?

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