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Ryan Reynolds “fought like hell” to stop one Deadpool 3 change

You'd think Ryan Reynolds could do what he wants with Deadpool 3, but the actor tried and failed to prevent one change for the MCU movie.

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool in Deadpool 2

Very few actors have the kind of creative freedom in their roles as Ryan Reynolds does with Deadpool, but even he couldn’t stop Marvel moving the production of Deadpool 3 halfway around the world.

The MCU is going to be a very different beast once Deadpool 3 brings the Merc with a Mouth into the sacred timeline (let’s just say it won’t be very sacred once he’s arrived). Sure, Phase 5 isn’t going too well for Marvel Studios right now, but the new movie will at least offer something very, very different to what’s come before.

Turns out, it’s all a little bit too different for Reynolds, who really wasn’t keen on shooting in the UK as opposed to his native Canada. Speaking to the Vancouver Sun, the actor claims he “fought like hell” to keep the production in his home country, but ultimately, the House of Mouse won that battle.

On Disney’s decision to bring the shoot for the upcoming Marvel movie to the UK, Reynolds added: “They have their infrastructure, and you just have to sort of fall in line. To a certain degree I understand that, but I miss home.”

That doesn’t sound like Deadpool to me! Have you ever known the Marvel character to “fall in line” and do as he’s told? Still, while he may not have been able to choose where the film was shot, I’m sure Reynolds will cause more than enough mischief in the multiverse to make up for it.

Of course, the logical reason for the shoot moving to the UK is that Marvel does a lot of its work in London at the famous Pinewood Studios. But, if we were to get really creative with our detective work here, we’d posit this switch to England for Deadpool 3 may well have ties to a couple of iconic X-Men characters.

We already know Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine is playing a huge part in Deadpool 3 and, after Kelsey Grammar’s cameo as Beast in The Marvels post credit scene, the chances of the original X-Men team becoming fully-fledged members of the MCU are high. Could it be that Sir Ian McKellen’s Magneto will return? He does live in London, after all.

We’ve also seen Sir Patrick Stewart reprise his role as Charles Xavier in Doctor Strange 2, though that particular variant did get his head ripped open by Marvel villain Scarlet Witch. Still, Beast did mention he needed to speak to Charles, so a version of Xavier is lingering somewhere in the multiverse, and we wouldn’t put it past Marvel to get Stewart back once again.

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This is all conjecture based on what was probably a very logistically-motivated change, but we just can’t help but speculate. While we wait for Deadpool 3 to arrive, we’ve plenty of time to watch the Marvel movies in order again, and you can probably squeeze in the X-Men movies too if you were so inclined. While we’re thinking about the MCU, though, you should probably dive into the various Marvel series, and we’ve also a guide on Captain America 4 with everything you need to know about the future flick.