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New Marvel What If…? Funko Pops now available

The new selection of Marvel What If...? Funko Pop figures includes Infinity Ultron and Queen General Ramonda, along with new variations on other characters.

Marvel’s What If…? Disney Plus animated series created the opportunity to see popular Marvel characters in scenarios that we’d never have seen within the main continuity. From Peggy Carter to Ultron, the show gave us more of some of the most under-utilised characters from the MCU – and now, you can get your hands on all of them in Funko Pop form.

These aren’t the first Marvel What If…? Funko Pops to be released, but several characters from the series are getting the Funko Pop treatment for the first time. Infinity Ultron and Queen General Ramonda have been immortalised in this line of popular large-headed figures, while Captain Carter and Infinity Killmonger have both had new variants released. With Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness in the offing, who knows what’s next.

Whether you’re someone who has a growing Marvel Funko collection, or even someone who’s never bought a Funko Pop before, but loved What If…? then these pint-sized figures deserve a spot on your shelves.

Here’s a look at each of the new Marvel Funko Pop figures:

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Infinity Ultron

This is the version of Ultron seen in the episode ‘What if… Ultron won?‘, the dark episode in which we see the Avengers defeated and the majority of the human race wiped out in a nuclear holocaust. If you loved this episode, why not grab the mini version of this unstoppable supervillain?

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Queen General Ramonda

In the sixth episode, titled ‘What if… Killmonger rescued Tony Stark?‘ we see a change to the timeline which ultimately leads to a war between the United States and Wakanda. This is where we meet this version of Ramonda, the mother of Black Panther and Shuri.

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Captain Carter (Stealth Suit)

The first episode asked the question ‘What if… Captain Carter were the first Avenger?‘. Normally, of course, we know her as Agent Carter, but in this alternative world, we get to see what life would be like if she had taken Captain America’s place in history (and of course, a British citizen isn’t going to call themselves ‘Captain America’). She already had a Funko Pop figure, but now you can get her in her stealth suit too.

Infinity Killmonger (Reaching)

We first met this version of Killmonger/Black Panther in episode six, but it was in the finale episode ‘What if… the Watcher Broke his Oath?‘ that we saw him harness the power of the Infinity Stones. While he has already had (multiple) Funko Pop figures, you can now get one of him reaching his hand out, Thanos-style.

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