Morena Baccarin isn’t sure if she’ll be in Deadpool 3

Marvel likes to keep secrets, so much so that Morena Baccarin says she still doesn't know if she has a role to play in the upcoming Deadpool 3

Morena Baccarin as Vanessa in Deadpool

We all know the MCU is full of closely guarded secrets, with Kevin Feige the king of keeping his Marvel movie masterplan close to his chest. Despite the Deadpool 3 release date being on the horizon, it seems even Morena Baccarin isn’t privy to the plans for the project as she reveals she doesn’t know if she has a role to play or not this time around.

Baccarin played the love interest to X-Men character Wade Wilson in the first two comedy movies of the Deadpool series, but details surrounding the upcoming threequel are being kept under wraps. At the moment, the only person guaranteed to appear in Deadpool’s first MCU movie is Ryan Reynolds, because, well, it wouldn’t be Deadpool without him now would it?

At a panel at DragonCon Atlanta, The Direct reports that a fan asked Baccarin whether she will be reprising her role as Vanessa for the superhero movie sequel, and she had a typically coy response. To put it simply, she doesn’t have a clue, but she hopes she will be back.

“You know, from your lips to God’s ears, I have no idea. They’re writing the script right now. I’m usually the last to find out anything. I’m not even… I wish I had information I could give you but I really don’t. But it’d be great,” Baccarin said.

There’s every chance Vanessa will appear again though, after events of the previous action movie were changed. “I think when we shot the second film, I would just die,” Baccarin explained. “And then after they screened it a few times they actually changed it to include this timeline thing so I think that’s a good sign that the fans want to see her again. Whether or not it happens, it’s not up to me.”

We’re sure more details will emerge around Deadpool 3 as Marvel’s Phase 4 comes to an end, and the highly-anticipated Phase 5 begins. In the meantime, check out our guide to the Black Panther 2 release date for the next chapter in the Marvel timeline.