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Morbius director didn’t put Tobey Maguire Spider-Man mural in movie

Remember that shot of a Spider-Man mural in the Morbius trailers? Well, turns out the director of the movie has no clue how that got there

Morbius director didn't put Spider-Man mural in movie

Whether you’ve seen Morbius yet or not, we’re pretty sure everyone has seen the trailer for the new comic book horror movie, either by choice or by force. Eagle-eyed viewers may have spotted a link to Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man, in the form of a mural painted on the wall in one scene from the trailer. But, it turns out the director of the movie has no idea why that is there.

Say what you will about his movie, but Daniel Espinosa sure is honest. The filmmaker was not only leaking the movie’s ending last week on social media, but he has now confirmed that the mysterious mural that appears in the trailers, has nothing to do with him.

Curiously, the Spider-Man reference doesn’t even appear in the actual movie, so was clearly being used as a marketing ploy in the trailers. The image of Maguire’s Spider-Man, with the word “murderer” splashed across it, got fans excited when it showed up in the first trailer for Morbius, but it seems it was all for nothing now.

In a recent interview with CinemaBlend, Espinosa was asked about his intentions regarding that shot, and he had a very straight-forward answer.

“That image is only in the trailer. So for me, as a director, I only do the movie,” Espinosa explains. “I, as a fan, have several kinds of opinions and thoughts about that. If I said something about what I think it is, it would be as a fan,” the director added.

“Because I’m the director, I would be accused of knowing something. Which I don’t, you know? If I knew something, I could tell you. [But] it’s not mine,” Espinosa continued. “It’s not from my idea. I would love to be honest and responsible, but I can’t, because it’s not mine,” he concluded.

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So, basically that shot had nothing to do with Espinosa, it’s not in the movie, and he doesn’t know how it got in the trailer. Sounds like Sony and the team behind the trailers should have consulted with the filmmaker so he could at least be aware of the plan.

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