Hugh Jackman has actually used a comic-accurate Wolverine suit before

Hugh Jackman will finally wear the classic Wolverine costume in Deadpool 3, but he had a brush with the suit in a classic family movie too.

Hugh Jackman in Logan

If there’s one thing to look forward to in 2024, it’s Hugh Jackman finally wearing the blue-and-yellow Wolverine suit in Deadpool 3. After nearly three decades, he’ll don the costume that’s been the image of Wolvie since the halcyon days of X-Men comics in the ’80s and ’90s. Funnily enough, though, it won’t be his first time using the ensemble.

No, there isn’t an MCU reference you missed where one of the best X-Men characters showed up looking like he’s right out of the animated series. Rather, Jackman had a role in an animated movie that gave a nod to his pitch perfect depiction of Logan.

In Flushed Away, a family movie about a pet rat (Jackman) who goes from the high streets of London to the sewer, said rat has to pick his outfit for an evening out (look, it’s a kids movie). Among his choices is Wolverine’s garb, straight out of Professor Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters.

It’s a small Easter egg, and one that would’ve been included as a tiny joke since Jackman had become so famous for the X-Men movies. But now, in retrospect, it’s quietly hilarious, since it took so long for 20th Century Studios, and now Marvel Studios, to make the actual thing happen.

Hugh Jackman in Flushed Away

But better late than never, right? The first tease for Deadpool 3 revealed Jackman sporting the suit, making it clear our prayers are being answered at long last. Not only that, but Wolverine and Deadpool are sharing the screen together in a Marvel movie, something that’s been in demand since the first Deadpool film back in 2016.

Before now, Ryan Reynolds and Jackman seemed to be ships in the night. Jackman had retired from the role after Logan, one of the best superhero movies ever, in 2017, leaving him out of the running for Deadpool 2. Reynolds’s movies as the Merc with a Mouth were on their own wavelength anyway.

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Like any aging rockstar, Jackman was only retired for so long, bouncing back in for Deadpool 3. Directed by Shawn Levy, so far the upcoming Marvel movie promises Deadpool at his wackiest, with the big rumors being that they’re going to go through all the multiple strands of the X-Men and MCU film timelines to create one unified version of events – or try to, anyway.

Honestly, we’re al for it – keeping our Marvel movies in order guide steady is a nightmare at times. Come and clean it up for us, Wade! Check out our guides to Marvel’s Phase 5, the Captain America 4 release date, and the Thunderbolts release date for the other MCU pictures coming to our screens.