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Francis Ford Coppola loves Deadpool

Francis Ford Coppola, noted comic book movie disliker, has strong feelings toward one Marvel film - Deadpool, starring Ryan Reynolds

Marlon Brando in The Godfather, Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool

Francis Ford Coppola has not been kind to the MCU and other comic book action movies, stating the “lack of risk” is something that puts him off. There is one that’s caught The Godfather director’s eye, though – the fourth-wall shattering Deadpool.

In an interview with Variety to celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Godfather, Coppola pointed out how much he liked the Merc with a Mouth’s big screen outing. “I liked Deadpool, I thought that was amazing,” he stated, before doubling down on why blockbuster franchises just don’t do for him: “Cinema is supposed to illuminate contemporary life, and make us understand what’s going on. So we need the artists to give us a vision of what’s going on.”

In 2019, Scorsese set the internet ablaze by telling Empire that he doesn’t regard Marvel movies as cinema. Fans of the MCU and DCEU alike were outraged that he’d be so flippant about such contemporary pillars of pop culture. Really, he’s just one director, who doesn’t love comic book-based features, and Coppola’s much the same – except when it’s Deadpool, that is.

Since it turns the big five-oh this year, The Godfather was re-released in cinemas in 4K. As well as that, parts two and three have also seen limited releases, giving people a rare chance to catch the entire trilogy at their local picturehouse.

In 2020, a new edit of The Godfather Part 3, called Mario Puzo’s The Godfather, Coda: The Death of Michael Corleone, was released. It’s four minutes shorter, and contains some different music and perspective in certain scenes.

Recently, we learned that Shawn Levy would be directing Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool 3. This is their third collaboration, following Free Guy on Disney Plus, and The Adam Project on Netflix. Wonder what Coppola made of those?